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7.8.16 - The Best American Breweries

There are more than 4000 breweries in the United States of America, with more opening daily. It is hard for even the well informed citizen to keep track of which breweries are churning out the most extraordinary brews. This map with help thirsty folks find some of the best beer in America.

3.14.16 - Libation Nation: 50 Beers For 50 States

Local beers are increasing with popularity, and it's no wonder why. Here are some of the most delicious brewers in every state in the Union. 

11.01.14 - Beer With Bells On - The World's Greatest Christmas Beers

Breweries from across the world release specialty beers that are only available during the holiday season

10.22.14 - Great Basin Brewing Co. Nabs Another Win At The Great American Beer Festival

Great Basin Brewing Company has never shied away from healthy competition, eagerly stacking its brews up against concoctions from around the world.

9.7.14 - A Triassic Beast Brews Up A Surprisingly Gentle India Pale Ale

If cooking is science for hungry people, brewing is applied chemistry for thirsty people

7.22.14 - Top Wineries & Breweries Worth Traveling For

Flipkey searched through every state in the U.S. to find the top brewery or winery currently operating.

5.30.14 - Great Basin Cans Icky IPA

Canning Icky IPA off to a rough start but promising future

4.7.14 - National Beer Day: 50 Places To Drink Local Brews in 50 States

Aol Travel compiled this list of a special spots to drink a great local beer in each state

11.10.13 - Great Basin Brewing Company Celebrates 20 Years

Nevada's oldest brewery celebrated a milestone Saturday. Great Basin Brewing Company has been in business for 20 years, paving the way for brewing entrepreneurs in Nevada.

10.1.13 - Largest Annual Gathering Of Nevada's Craft Brewers Set For Oct 5

The largest annual gathering of Nevada’s craft beer and ale makers will come together from 3 – 7 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 5, at Wingfield Park for the second Nevada Craft Brewers Festival.

9.1.13 - Great Basin Brewing Turns 20

In 1993 Nevada wasn't exactly what you would call, in beer terms, a hotspot of hoppy delight. 

5.5.13 - Northern Nevada's Great Basin Rides Craft Brewing Wave To Expand Market

A quiet hum gives way to the throaty noise of machinery inside Great Basin Brewing Co.'s South Rock Boulevard facility as bottle after bottle starts snaking through a mechanical line.

4.20.13 - Rotary Club of Carson City announces Beer and Pizza Championships winners

The Rotary Club of Carson City has announced the winners of the second annual Beer and Pizza Championships

4.18.13 - Great Basin Launches New Bottling Equipment

Northern Nevada's most popular craft beer is now available in bottles.

4.18.13 - Great Basin Brews Up New Success With Bottles

The Great Basin Brewing Company is heading off into a whole new chapter with bottling.

3.16.13 - Great Basin Brewing Co. to hold Stout Week

Cold, dark and delicious - the perfect winter brew deserves its moment in the sun.

2.11.13 - Great Basin hosts Stupid Cupid Night at Taps & Tanks

Great Basin Brewing Company is hosting Stupid Cupid Night from 3 to 9 p.m. Thursday at its Taps & Tanks location.

12.20.12 - End Of The World At Great Basin Brewing

Great Basin Brewing Company, in conjunction with the Mayan calendar, has scheduled an End of the World extravaganza to celebrate life on earth thus far.

12.11.12 - Northern Nevada Brewery Adds New Offering For Holiday Season

Great Basin Brewing Company says it has captured Nevada’s independent spirit and bottled it for all to enjoy.

1.29.12 - Sparks Tribune – ICKY Skis Giveaway

Great Basin Brewing Company, producer of Nevada’s finest handcrafted brews, has teamed up with Moment Skis, manufacturer of Nevada’s finest hand-made skis, to create “ICKY Skis.”

10.27.11 - KOLO TV - Icky Beer Breeds Icky Bread

It's a local favorite: the Icky IPA. Now, the beer that Great Basin Brewing Company is known for is the key ingredient in a baked good.

10.13.11 - KOLO TV - Nevada Brewer Wins Bronze Medal at Beer Festival

Owners of Nevada's Great Basin Brewing Company are celebrating the bronze medal they recently won at the prestigious Great American Beer Festival in Denver.

8.12.11 - KOLO TV - Bottling Up the Icky

There's been a big commotion over how Great Basin Brewing Co. is now selling six packs of its Icky IPA. Today - there's even more commotion going on inside the Reno brewery.