385 scytale barrel-aged imperial stout



Pure liquid poetry.

Released from its whiskey-drenched, charred oak chamber on Leap Day, February 29, 2016 – 385 Scytale is our liquid poem to the art of craft beer. Each and every ingredient has been chosen purposefully with aspirations of crafting the perfect sip. Patiently aged in whiskey barrels until our Brewmaster saw his vision realized precisely 385 days later. 385 Scytale is a faceted gem of nuanced aromas and tastes, boldly roasted chocolate malts, deep dark whiskey, molasses and boundless, brazenly-rich oakiness. Semisweet chocolate, vanilla, and dark stone fruits arrive upon subsequent sips, and as you delve into the unending subtly of licorice, honey, and allspice, you’re left with smooth caramel that saunters on the palate.


SRM: 29.0

14.6% ABV